About me

Jérôme Baillet made from his passion for paper and his attention to details a job he is doing under a nickname: Docteur Paper.

After studying Arts at La Sorbonne, he quickly started working on creating the most luxurious shop-windows in Paris for companies like Patek-Philippe or Zimmer and Rohde.

Then, in 2010 he moved to Nantes where he decided to become a freelance illustrator to get back to his first love: his pencil.

Since, he’s working on his illustrations with surgical precision, especially for his series « Travel with me ». He takes us on a whole journey in his favorite cities.

The aim of doing this series? Showing us his vision of the different cities and giving us the opportunity to visit his favorites addresses in a single illustration full of details mixing architecture and typography.

Porto, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Osaka, London, his travel guide is filling up through his trips. And if you know Docteur Paper thanks to the series « Travel with me », just so you know, he’s also doing bigger things like mural paintings for differents companies like Le voyage à Nantes, Big Fernand and local agencies… you could maybe see his work everywhere in France… and all around the world.

Exhibitions :

  • "Docteur Paper VS UGC - Movie Scenes #2", UGC, Nantes - Octobre 2017
  • "Nantes City" - Le voyage à Nantes - Nantes, France - Juillet 2017
  • "Docteur Paper à la Cantine du Voyage" - Le voyage à Nantes - Nantes, France - Mai 2016
  • "Movie Scenes" - Librairie Coiffard - Nantes, France - Avril 2016
  • Dooinit Festival - Hôtel Pasteur - Rennes, France - Mars 2016
  • "Greetings from California" - House Of California - Nantes, France - Décembre 2015
  • "Summer In the city - Sergeant Paper", Paris - Juillet 2014